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44 N. Second Street, Ste. 1103
Memphis, TN 38103

Mail: P.O. Box 3619
Memphis, TN 38103

ph: 901-229-5842
fax: 901-410-5195

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Eugene L. Belenitsky - Memphis, Tennessee - Lawyer  



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Facing criminal charges in Memphis?

Some of the best opportunities lawyers have to mitigate criminal charges are in the beginning of the process. When people are overwhelmed, they make bad judgment calls. When charged with a crime or about to be charged with one, most are confused, terrified, and not acting in their best interest. Those mistakes are often difficult to undo.  That is why It is critical to contact a defense attorney to protect your rights in a criminal proceeding as soon as possible.

Attorney For Various Criminal Charges.

Eugene L. Belenitsky is committed to guiding clients through this difficult process. He represents those accused of all types of crimes, including crimes such as driving while license is suspended, cancelled, or revoked, domestic violence and assault, violent crimes, probation violation, gun/firearm/handgun charges, drug related charges, theft, burglaries, traffic offenses and DUI's.

Memphis Criminal Warrant Recall

To learn about warrant recall services, see Memphis Warrant Recalls.

Free Consultation and Flat Rates

As a solo practitioner practing law in Memphis, Gene believes it is best to interact with his clients directly. All calls and requests are dealt with promptly or within 24 hours. All calls are confidential. Free consultation and flat rate pricing is available in most cases.

Serving Memphis and Western Tennessee

Eugene L. Belenitsky is based out of Memphis and defends clients charged with crimes in Shelby County and Western Tennessee. Also serving Arlington, Bartlett, Cordova, Collierville, Germantown, Millington, Shelby, Tipton, Fayette and West Tennessee.